1. Veganism is becoming more and more popular! More food options worldwide, with great taste

All over the world, cities and towns are welcoming the vegan lifestyle, some more than others. Hundreds of thousands of places are opening up to cater to vegans, not just vegan options added to the menu, but entire vegan restaurants and cafes. For example, let’s look at London for example. They were named the MOST vegan city in the world, with over 125 vegan restaurants and cafes ranging from complete vegetables to meat replacement food, Italian cuisine, Japanese, Mexican, you name it. For vegan food lovers, London is the place to be! Let’s look at another one – Norway. Norway is the FASTEST growing city in terms of veganism. Basically, a vegan takeover! There has been a 60% increase in vegan food sales here since 2017. And, in 2019, a 95% sale increase! Incredible! You can pop into the vegan chocolate factory, or simply go out for lunch in the ENTIRELY plant-based city of Oslo! I’m sure that will be an easy choice, with over 108 vegan cafe options! When visiting Norway, you will be wishing you visited sooner!

2. People are starting to see the truth behind animal product “health” and all the misleading information

So let’s throw it back to 1991 when advertising for meat necessity for great health began. Meat was first advertised for “men to be masculine”, and over the years there has been research done to show that cow milk is necessary for our bones to grow, our teeth to grow, and for the overall calcium consumption. We’re told that the meat is needed for protein, and without eating meat we would have no muscle as the protein you get from eating meat, cannot be sourced from anywhere else. This has been bred into our knowledge, from the health star tick being on all animal products, and infamously, the FOOD PYRAMID! Suggesting that by research and scientific fact, we need to be consuming 30% of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, legumes (mostly highly processed food), 25% vegetables & fruit, and a whopping 15% of animal products! Such as milk, meat, eggs, butter, cheese, fish for “optimal health”. Now, there is research stating the opposing facts of this. Research has come out with scientific-based evidence saying that what the meat and health industries have been saying about the animal product nutrition, is, in fact, misleading and based off paid false research. The health companies were in fact funded by the meat industry. There is evidence out there now from the World Health Organization (2015) that red meat has been declared as a carcinogen. Another study, by the Harvard School of Public Health, says that 1 serving of red meat consumed can lead to a 22% higher chance of getting breast cancer. One of the LARGEST opposing studies done so far, at the National Cancer Institute of Maryland says that both processed AND unprocessed meats are the LEADING causes of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and lung disease. Finally, some speculations and truth about the evidence for animal products necessary for human health, are starting to come out WORLDWIDE! not only that, there is plenty of evidence suggesting the consumption of animal products is the likely cause of most of the worlds population health issues!

3. It’s better for your body

Going vegan includes a LOT of benefits for your body! Some of the well-known ones include:

  • improvement of your gut microbiome
  • help with losing excess weight
  • improving kidney function
  • protecting against certain cancers
  • lowering your risk of heart disease
  • helps reduce pain from arthritis
  • improve hair/nail health and keratin growth
  • clear your skin

This is not surprising, considering animal products such as milk and cheese actually can make you prone to acne! All of the hormones that are inside the dairy products can cause an imbalance inside your body – resulting in your skin and other internal organs flaring up!

4. It’s better for your overall health

When you change to a vegan lifestyle, the food you tend to eat is concentrated with a LOT more vitamins that our body needs. It was found that individuals consume more fibre, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and magnesium as they are naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables, nuts, legumes – the majority of what a vegan diet consists of. When changing to a vegan lifestyle you also consume a whole lot of less saturated fat!

5. It’s better for the environment

Animal agriculture is one of the largest sources polluting our earth right now. YES, this does affect climate change! In September of 2018, the United Nations Environmental Programme announced meat as “the worlds most urgent problem”. The reason being, to produce the world’s meat and dairy source, much land is needed for agriculture to run. All across the world forests are getting destroyed so that the farmers can compete in the dairy and meat industry. Since the 60’s the meat industry has doubled due to the “human population” needing their source of meat. SIGNIFICANT amounts of resources are needed to keep this industry going, and unfortunately, agriculture is the leading cause of excessive greenhouse gas emissions, including methane and nitrous oxide.

6. A lot of people are starting to accept the vegan movement and become vegan-friendly

There is definitely becoming a growing acceptance of veganism. From the UK world vegan day started in 1994 to the movie Game Changers, veganism has come along way! Vegan options are becoming more frequent at grocery stores, cafes and restaurants! They are having more vegan options, and there are vegan-friendly products for almost all the big makeup industries such as ELF, Jeffree star Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, KAT VON D and more!

Game Changers Movie: https://gamechangersmovie.com


7. Fewer products will sell that are tested on animals

YES! LESS ANIMAL TESTING! Going vegan, you will step away from the cruel industry of animal testing. Buying products from cruelty-free brands such as lime crime, Jeffree star cosmetics and E.L.F will reduce the number of buyers for the companies that do test on animals – and hopefully one day they will change their testing! Each year, over 100 MILLION animals are tortured and killed by cosmetic testing!


8. Reverse current health conditions

Lately, mounting evidence has shown that changing to a vegan lifestyle can reverse serious health conditions such as diabetes and some cancers! in 2014 a study was conducted for 198 patients living with coronary heart disease, who turned to a plant-based lifestyle. It found that 177 of the patients who stuck to the diet reported a reduction in symptoms, and 22% of those patients had COMPLETE disease reversal proven by testing. How amazing is that, after changing what we eat!

9. Improve fitness

After watching Game Changers, people became extremely interested in how a vegan diet can improve workout recovery significantly. The two contributive elements that slow recovery down, are inflammation and oxidative stress. Studies found that if you follow a vegan diet, it reduces the inflammation and oxidative stress due to the high amounts of nutrient-dense plant foods you’re eating. Let’s look at some of the most successful athletes that are vegan.

We have Nate Diaz, a successful UFC champion who won the ultimate fighter 5. He has been on a vegan diet since the age of 18.

We also have Patrick Baboumian who has been vegan for 6 years, and has records for being the strongest man in the world! He was named the “strongest man of Germany” at the IFSA strongman events.


10. Boost your mood

According to Nutritionist Geeta Sidhu-Robb, eating a plant-based diet will give you more complex carbohydrates, which increases the feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain. It is also found that Antioxidants found in vitamins A, C and E help reduce free-radical damage, which increases when we are stressed.

11. Eat through only 1 source of sunlight

We all know how powerful the sun is and how necessary it is for this planet and all its inhabitants to survive. we ourselves need to get our food source from sunlight in one way or another. think about this – when we eat meat, we are going through 3 sources of food/3 processes to get our sunlight. First, the sun reaches plants to enable photosynthesis. The plant is the first source. Second, the animal eats the plant. This is number 2. Then, finally, it reaches us and we are the third source it has to go through to get to our body. When we eat vegan food or plants & vegetables in general, it is only 1 source of sunlight that we must go through- almost direct. This is much better for us overall as you can imagine!

12. You’re saving animals

Did you know an estimated 25 animals are saved each year by eating a plant-based diet! Something small compared to the 7.7 billion animals killed yearly for the meat industry, still goes a long way! Trying to eat a plant-based diet or occasionally eating that way also helps greatly! There are so many people out there who slam on vegans for eating meat when really they should be supportive. The intentions are what matter, it’s always great to give something a go for a good cause!


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