An easy tutorial on how to reach your full potential – by using the full moon!

As most of you know, the moon has a great amount of influence. It affects a lot on this earth, including humans and our moods! When it is a full moon, you can access its power to use to your benefit. It incorporates the law of attraction methods, manifestation exercises, and setting intentions for the next month. This becomes really powerful when you put it out to the universe, think of it as your ordinary thoughts with the influence of the full moon. It becomes very strong!

I have been doing this process for a few years now, and each time I have had conspicuous results. I find that full moons really work for accessing that higher consciousness and the intentions we set for the month are set in stone whilst doing it at the sacred time of the full moon.

I have crystals that I like to cleanse during the full moon as well, the energy of the moon cleanses and is held inside the crystals after so it’s a good extra way to use the moon’s influence.

First, I make sure I’m comfortable and have a clear mind. I get everything done during the day so that when it comes to the time, I can completely focus and not have anything else on my mind. I like to have all of my tools prepared and a sense of what I want to achieve over the next month. This is probably one of the most important preparation tools that I think of throughout the day.

Another thing that I do every now and then if I feel like my home needs it – burn white sage! I will burn white sage to purify the house. White sage is really good for clearing energy and banishing any negative energy.

I have a notebook where I start this ritual off by writing down 5 things I want to get rid of or change in my life. This is an important step just as much as 5 things I want to welcome because by removing any unwanted issues it makes room for the new changes to come. On a new page, I will write down 5 things I want to welcome or achieve in the next month. I like to keep it realistic, but also push slowly towards a long term goal. I put down things that I really want to happen in life, that is perhaps slow progress but things I can’t do on my own. This is what the moon is great for, helping you to achieve things at a much faster pace!

Next, I like to get my crystals, run them under cold water to cleanse them of any energy and put them out in the moonlight. I recharge all of my crystals this way and I find that it helps them to emit new energy throughout the home for weeks after.

A side note for cleansing crystals – any crystals that end in “-ite”, are hydrophobic and should not be placed in water for a long period of time. However, giving them a quick rinse is fine!

As well as leaving my crystals in the moonlight, I also leave my notebook overnight. This helps the crystals soak up the energy of what I am wanting to manifest and also helps to cleanse the book.

Once my crystals have been cleansed and intentions have been written down, I will do a minute prayer and repeat my intentions so they are very clear to the universe. I imagine my life with the intentions implemented and thank the universe for making it possible.

The following morning, once the notebook and crystals have been cleansed I will bring them back inside. I will go over my intentions once more to set in my mind again and put out to the universe once again.

I then leave everything to be for the next month, with my intentions in mind. I have never once been let down by this amazing and creative influence, it has become a part of my life and I believe it has very strong powers and abilities.

Best of luck with your intentions!

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