A complete list of crystals and their healing properties!

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Rose quartz –

Healing properties: it is known at the love stone! It restores trust in relationships & homes and opens the heart to unconditional love, self-love, friendships, partnerships, and family. It is calming and can help you feel the love in the times of grief. Rose quartz eliminates negativity and helps us with forgiveness, self-worth and acceptance. 

It associates with the heart chakra.

Aquamarine –

Healing properties: it is known as the stone of courage, with calming energies to eliminate stress and quiet the mind. It works in great harmony with sensitive people. It can help you overcome judgement, clarifies your perception, sharpens your intellect and clears confusion. It promotes self-expression, and opens you to clairvoyance!

It associates with the throat chakra.

Citrine –

Healing properties: citrine is known as a cleansing stone. It has self-cleaning properties, and is one of the few stones that will cleanse its own energy! It has some of the most powerful frequencies for motivation and perseverance. It is a cheerful and uplifting stone, great to use for the manifestation process. It strengthens your mental output and supports you achieving your goals. 

It associates with the solar plexus chakra.

Smoky quartz –

Healing properties: a grounding stone. It gently neutralises negative energy and protects against any radiation and electromagnetic pollution. It relieves stress, lifts depression and eradicates fear and nightmares. It also aids in communication difficulty and reduces anxiety. 

It is associated with the root chakra and solar plexus chakra.

Blue lace agate –

Healing properties: a cooling stone. This stone emits tranquil energy, giving us a feeling of peace and relaxation all over. This stone is also known for aiding with verbal expression and neutralising anger, inflammation and fever.

It associates with the throat chakra.

Selenite –

Healing properties: This stone provides clarity, and expands your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. It creates a deep peace within you and is great for spiritual work. It assists with judgement and insight. It is also known for opening the crown and helping you to access your higher being. It is great for accessing the universe. 

It associates with the crown chakra.

Celestite –

Healing properties: A grounding stone. This is a great stone to keep in your bedroom. It works well on improving emotional stability, aiding in mental clarity and sharpening the mind. When Celestite touches your skin, it instantly brings a feeling of calmness and purity, while lifting the mood. It inspires deep relaxation, aids with sleeping and tranquillity. 

It associates with the third eye chakra.

Green aventurine –

Healing properties: A prosperity stone. This stone provides help with leadership and decisiveness. Green aventurine, in particular, helps with comforting and healing. It also blocks out emanations from computers and other devices. It enhances creativity and calms anger and frustration. It can help reduce nausea. It also balances male/female energy.

It associates with the heart chakra. 

Tree agate –

Healing properties: Tree agate is the stone for abundance, wealth and prosperity. This crystal brings good luck and brings nature energy to you. This also helps with self-examination and promotes inner stability. 

It associates with the heart chakra.

Milky quartz –

Healing properties: Known for its power to relieve stress. It has been used as a healing stone since ancient times. It is known to have a feminine motion and emits purified energy and hope from its stunning white colour. It helps calm you down, if your emotions feel like they’re getting out of control, milky quartz is a great way to cool down. 

It associates with the crown chakra.

Rainbow Fluorite –

Healing properties: A great stone for protecting, stabilizing and grounding. Flourite will encourage and assist in rapid organisation, mental abilities and processing information. It absorbs negative energies and can shield you from psychic manipulation.

It associates with all chakras.

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