Pana Chocolate Review

November 12th, 2019

Hi there!

If you haven’t tried Pana Chocolate already, it is a must-do! When I first went vegan this was one of the first chocolates I tried, and since then I have been a regular buyer. It is organic, vegan, raw, handmade, and refined sugar-free!

Despite Vegan chocolate tasting not so good, this one is amazing. One thing I missed was chocolate, the creamy texture, sweet taste, and the whole melt in your mouth type thing. Pana chocolate live up to the expectations, and beyond! For the best chocolate I have actually tasted in my life, this gives me pretty high standards.

It is so handy because you can purchase in-store at Woolworths and Coles, and also online on the Pana store!

They have an amazing Instagram page and website with all of their creations and new flavours. They sell icecreams and ganache too! They also have a recipe book for all of their recipes, just check the link below for their website and their Instagram page.

My personal favourite flavours are the goji and coconut. (Yummy chewy pieces when the chocolate melts in your mouth!) the NEW macadamia white chocolate (oh my) and the original hazelnut.

Do yourself a favour and go try these!!

link to their website:

link to their Instagram:

Or you can click on the items below to find in a store near you!