Vegan Pantry – Plant-based grocery delivery

January 12th, 2020

Getting started into the vegan lifestyle can sometimes be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start or what to eat, we all know that! It’s not so surprising after years and years of eating animal products, that cutting them out seems so difficult. Thankfully, there are a lot of helpful places out there that make this change easy for you! One of the places that cater to vegans I couldn’t recommend enough. The Vegan Pantry – Brisbane is an online grocery store, with all of your vegan essentials! They have a variety of products from skincare & beauty to food & pantry, with options to make the transition easy – and if you’re a long-time vegan, you’re also in for a treat!

Vegan Pantry Brisbane is a family-run business, and they deliver groceries to your door with same-day delivery. They specialise in vegan food and have all-vegan substitutes that are sometimes difficult to find at other places.

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It’s great to see people in the vegan community helping others to make a plant-based lifestyle easy. Especially with ALL the alternatives that grocery stores don’t particularly have!

Going vegan initially I found it quite easy to find options that were already vegan for example fruit and vegetables & some other snack foods like popcorn and nuts etc. However, finding vegan substitutes for non-vegan products was really difficult for me! It seemed like nowhere had the alternatives for cooking and baking ‘essentials’ that we had grown up around using for our whole lives. My first questions were “how do I bake a cake with no egg?” “how do I make pancakes with no butter?” It sounded nearly impossible!

Vegan Pantry and other places like this, make the transition so easy – you barely have to change anything.

With their options for absolutely any recipe, you don’t miss out on anything. You can make the same food, only healthier and better for the environment, and of course the animals on our planet! Vegan Pantry even have an egg replacement for cooking as well as baking, whipped cream, condensed milk, mayonnaise, ‘beef’ jerky and so much more! These alternatives help so much for day to day cooking or snacking where you can’t really find these options anywhere else.

My favourite must-haves from here are the alter-eco chocolate clusters. These taste absolutely amazing, the cherry and coconut ones are the best! Great for a healthy snack and it soothes your sweet tooth instantly. Another must-try is the fishless fillets, incredible taste without the nasties and animal products! Great for family, so delicious you won’t notice the difference. Last but not least for my favourite go-to, the vanilla protein powder! Such a great flavour added to any smoothie, I have mine with blueberries, banana and almond milk. Perfect for a wake me up after the gym!

If you’re interested in trying out some of these amazing products, they do free deliveries for orders over $100, and they have the SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders before 2pm.

Discount code: use the code MYALIFE for 10% off your order!

For some of their products, you can check below to see a sneak peek of the list!


  • Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters Cherry + Almond Butter
  • Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters Original
  • Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters Seeds + Salt
  • Alter Eco Deep Dark Salted Almonds Organic Chocolate
  • Alter Eco Deep Dark Sea Salt Organic Chocolate
  • So Free Organic Milk Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg
  • Banana Joe Banana Chips Sea Salt
  • Beyond Meat Beyond Burger
  • Byron Bay Chilli Co Mild Salsa Picante
  • Byron Bay Chilli Co Tasty Salsa Cornchips
  • Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli GF Paleo Mix
  • Ceres Organics Tomato Passata with Basil
  • Community Co Peanut Butter Crunchy
  • Community Co Peanut Butter Smooth
  • East Bali Cashews Cacao Cashew Nuts Wild Harvested
  • East Bali Cashews Roasted Cashew Treat Wild Harvested
  • Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad Cashew Parmesan
  • Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad Coconut Bacon
  • Five Tastes Thai Green Curry Paste
  • Freedom Mallows Strawberry Mallows
  • Freedom Mallows Vanilla Mallows
  • Gardein Beefless Ground
  • Gardein Chick’n Scallopini
  • Gardein Golden Fishless Filet
  • Happy Way Fat Burner Pineapple
  • Happy Way Like a Vegan Vanilla Flavour Protein Powder
  • Happy Way Peanut Butter Protein Powder
  • Jomeis Fine Foods Turmeric Latte
  • Kewpie Vegan Mayonnaise
  • Loving Earth Lemon Caramel Cheesecake Chocolate
  • Loving Earth Organic Caramel Chocolate
  • Loving Earth Raw Organic Buckinis Chocolate Clusters
  • Loving Earth Raw Organic Raspberry Cashew Mylk Chocolate
  • Lush Delights Satay Sauce & Marinade Mild Recipe Base
  • Nature First Lentil Chips with Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Nature's Charm Coconut Caramel Sauce
  • Nature's Charm Coconut Whipping Cream
  • Nature's Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk
  • Niulife Cocomino Coconut Amino Fysh Sauce
  • Noble Jerky Vegan Jerky Chipotle
  • Orgran Berry Quinoa Porridge
  • Orgran Chocolate Brownie Mix
  • Orgran No Egg Egg Replacer
  • Over The Moo Dream team Cookies ‘n Cream
  • Pudding Lady Christmas Pudding Round in Cloth
  • Vego Almond Bliss White Chocolate Bar
  • Upton's Naturals Real Meal Kit Ch'eesy Bacon Mac