September 4th, 2019

Although veganism has become more popular, it is sometimes difficult to find vegan alternatives if you’re just starting, or healthier options if that is what you’re looking for. 

I found that IGA has a vegan-friendly range just as big as Coles, Aldi, and Woolworths!

I was surprised when I saw that they have vegan options down every aisle, from pre-made meals to snacks, chocolate, yoghurt, mouse, and food to make dinner and lunches! As well as dairy-free iced coffee with several brand options. Great for an on the go wake up! They also have all of the extras like vegan cheese, vegan mayo, dips, and so on. 

Some of my favourite items are the vegan mac and cheese in 3 different flavours, “wild about mushroom”, “smokin’ bacon flavour”, and “traditional cheddar flavour” which is great for an easy home meal. They have these delicious chicken nuggets in the brand “Fry’s” which also sell other meat replacements in IGA such as meat pies, sausages and schnitzels! They also sell another meat replacement brand called “gardein” which have this AMAZING meat-less meatball product, which tastes amazing in spaghetti bolognese!

In the cold section, they sell an edamame and brown rice salad, with a seaweed citrus dressing and a kale couscous tabouleh with spiced lemon dressing. 

My new favourite is the Organic coconut yoghurt chocolate mousse and the salted caramel mousse. It tastes like creme brûlée, one of absolute my favourites!

I will definitely be going back to get vegan snacks, perfect for after-work or the weekend! 

*May vary depending on stock at IGA stores and hours may depend on individual stores

website: http://www.iga.com.au

Click on items below to find in an IGA near you, or you can use our search map! https://www.myalife.com.au/search/


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