MooFree Burgers – BEST Vegan burgers in town!

After coming across a pic on Instagram of a chicken (not really chicken) burger, which looked absolutely amazing, I decided to go try this place out.

I went in with a friend and was greeted by a lovely service. We ordered the cheeseburger and the chicken burger, as well as some fries with a side of aioli.

Finally, our meals were ready! I am definitely one of those people that try the chips before the burgers, and they were amazing, especially with the vegan aioli. Next, I tried the chicken burger and it was a mouth-watering experience, one of the best foods I have had in such a long time! Great for a vegan alternative, even though it is slightly processed it still avoids all of the nasty animal products that other burgers, with meat products, contain. 

The menu here has an entire range of burgers, sides, nachos, and other ‘meatless’ meals. The price range is around $10-$15 per burger, which you can expect as most specialty food places are, but it is definitely worth it. My two personal burgers there are the “chicken and cheeze” and the “chicken licken”. 

MooFree is also family-run, owned by two brothers who were inspired after watching the ‘Cowspiracy’ documentary. They were deeply moved and wanted to create a place with delicious food, whilst reducing their impact on the environment.

reach site at

you can also check out their Instagram here

All stores Open Monday – Sunday 8 am-8:30 pm

At Everton Park Charlies Fruit market Monday – Sunday 12 pm-8 pm

Below is a map with all of the MooFree locations! You can use our search map to find one near you!

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